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Reward offered for information leading to succesful prosecution or disciplinary action
of persons responsible for Graffiti vandalism at WWU campus.

Do not use this method to report a crime that is occurring right now, or has just occurred.
Call 911 (off campus) or x3911 (on campus) to report in-progress events.


Western Washington University Police provide this form to encourage you to report graffiti 'tagging' activity affecting the University campus. While Police prefer direct contact, it is better to have indirect reporting than to not have a crime reported
at all. Please use this form to report any information you may have regarding past tagging, on-going illegal activity involving graffiti that may be of interest to University Police. You may report annonymously, but to be eligible for a reward you must provide identifying information in the last box on the form below.

What type of incident/event are you reporting? (i.e. spray paint tagging, chalk, marker or other)

Where did this occur? Please be specific.

Date: Time(with AM or PM:

Please identify any persons involved, and indicate the nature of their involvement. Include as much information as you can
to help identify the individuals (name, age, address, physical description, tag moniker etc.):

Please provide as much detail about the incident as possible - tell us as much as you can about what happened
(or is happening on an on-going basis): Include a description of the graffiti.

OPTIONAL: If you wish to claim a reward upon successful prosecution or disciplinary action against an offender that
you help to identify, you must provide identifying and contact information about yourself - name and contact phone at
a minimum - a permanent address is recommended.
IMPORTANT: University Police will attempt to maintain confidentialty regarding you and your participatation,
however, rules of evidence and court procedures may require that your name and involvement eventually be
made public.


If you have provided contact information you may be contacted (discretely) by Police during the investigation.
You will be contacted concerning the reward if the information you provide leads to the succesful prosecution or
disciplinary action against the offender.

** If multiple persons provide information regarding the same offense/offender, then the reward will be split
among the reporting persons based on the value of their contribution to the case. **